Sweet Fun Candy Floss

Extravagant Sweet Buffet

Indulge in a little extra.....


Package 1 Sweet Buffet

To serve up to 50 guests



Package 2 Sweet Buffet

To serve up to 100 guests



*Subject to times of operation


Package 1 Combo

Add a sweet buffet to any photo & video booth or chocolate fountain price...

For just





Package 2 Combo

Add a popcorn or a candy floss machine to any photo & video booth or chocolate fountain price...


*Subject to guest numbers

*Travel costs my be added please ask for details

Sweet Buffet
If you are looking for that extra special touch that you and your guests will love, look no further than a wonderful Sweet Buffet.....
Choose from a wide selection of traditional candy sweets, each buffet comes with candy bags and a buffet sign displaying your personal names, event date and occasion.....

Sweets are displayed in a variety of glass jars and pots at different heights with a centre LED light pedestal to tempt you and your guests
Choose up to eight different sweet choices with enough sweets supplied for the agreed number of guests
Supplied with traditional sweet bags
Sweets kept 'topped up' and tidy throughout the hire period
You may choose up to 8 varieties* of sweets
Bon Bons * White mice * Shrimps * Liquorice allsorts * Millions

Marshmallows * Cola bottles * Jelly teddies * Imperial mints * Flying saucers 

Jazzies * Bananas * Fudge * Jelly beans * Jelly babies * Wine gums * Love hearts
* Foam hearts * Fruit salads* Dolly mixture * Milk bottles * Lollipops * Sherbet
Chocolate pigs * Black jacks